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6. Installation

6.1 sources.list

Add the following line into your /etc/apt/sources.list file. You may need root privilegies to edit the file.

deb ${DIST} main contrib non-free restricted

Replace ${DIST} with your distribution: either with the codename (sarge, etch, sid, or woody), or with the suite (stable, testing, unstable, or oldstable).

If you are going to rebuild some of the packages, you may want to add the following source-line too (normal users don't need that):

deb-src ${DIST} main contrib non-free restricted

Take a look at the list of official mirrors to come to know about what lines you have to add to your sources.list if you want to use one of our mirrors (recommended).

If you want to mirror the packages, use rsync:// Please do not just run wget on this site, this would be a waste of traffic.

Check the repository changelog if you want to know about the changes in this repository.

6.2 aptitude

Make sure you are connected to the Internet and run the following command with root privilegies.

aptitude update

Now, you can install any package from the package list. For example running the following command, still with root privilegies, will install the BladeEnc MP3-Encoder.

aptitude install bladeenc

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