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8. Donation

Please consider helping to keep Debian Unofficial on service. You can help in various ways:
  • Donating bandwith
    Do you have some spare space on your webserver? What about mirroring the repository to help enhanceing the performance of Debian Unofficial?

  • Donating hardware
    Do you have some spare computers in your enterprise? What about donating them to help enhanceing the architectures of Debian Unofficial?

    Architectures we already have: alpha, amd64, hppa, i386, m68k, powerpc, sparc.
    Architectures we may will have: mips
    Architectures we are looking for: arm, ia64, mipsel, s390 (although arm and s390 will be emulated).

  • Donating money
    Do you have some money left from the last monthly income and you don't know how to burn it? What about donating and help paying the costs running Debian Unofficial.

Please write an email to about a possible donation. We will thank you, for shure.
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