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7. Contribution

If you have unofficial packages, you would like to share, by all means, send them in. Our requirements aren't that high. You don't need to have a gpg key in the official Debian keyring, but you need to have experience with Debian packageing (this site is not about learning how to package).

A new program would be integrated if:

  • the package is not in the official Debian repository at all
  • the package cannot be uploaded into the official Debian repository, (i.e. binary only stuff, restrictive license terms, unusual configuration options/patches, alleged software patents infrigements...)
  • the license terms do allow at least unmodified redistribution
  • the license terms do not conflict with any package in the Debian Unofficial repository
  • the package is debianized well
Please remeber that every package which is DFSG-compliant should be uploaded to Debian, not Debian Unofficial. If your package falls into one of the exceptions mentioned above, try first to solve them upstream. Only if you did not suceed and there is no possible solution, it may could be a candidate for inclusion in Debian Unofficial. For further information about how to package and upload, see the Packaging Howto and the Packaging Guidelines about the formal conventions on Debian Unofficial.

However, do not hesitate to write an email to to ask if you are unsure.

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